A Better Choice Chiropractic, Chattanooga, TN Since Parker started seeing Dr. Troy he hasn’t had a migraine since.

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He hasn’t had a migraine since.

Our son, Parker, was nine years old when he started having migraine headaches causing him to be light sensitive and bed ridden. My husband and I were concerned and took him to the pediatrician. He had a CAT scan and MRI done on Parker, but found nothing. Parker was still having migraines; one of them lasted for a week straight. We ended up giving him a cocktail of medicines to manage the headaches; sometimes the medication worked and sometimes they didn’t.
A friend suggested we take Parker to see a chiropractor. I was skeptical, but I felt we had exhausted all of our other options for treatment; so we went to see Dr. Troy Smith. Dr. Troy told us our son’s neck was jammed, which was probably the cause of the migraine headaches. Since Parker started seeing Dr. Troy he hasn’t had a migraine since. I’ve become a strong believer in what proper alignment of your back can do for your health. I too have started seeing Dr. Troy.

Shelly Tullier
Cleveland, TN


My Love Affair with Chiropractic

At the age of sixteen I slipped on a wet sidewalk, went airborne, and landed on the end of my spine. At the time I was working for my room and board and attending high school in the little town of Eureka, Montana.

I had no money (those were Depression days) so I didn’t get to a doctor and really suffered with my back for the next three years.

I graduated from high school and through a series of events I finally ended up in Shelby, Montana, where I worked. A friend of mine, who had many health problems, was also living in Shelby at the time. I could notice a great deal of improvement in her and when I asked about it she said she had been going to a chiropractor. In those days chiropractors were considered to be “quacks,” but I could see a difference in her, and I was really suffering with my back, so at the age of nineteen, I had my first chiropractic adjustment. It nearly killed me, but I had been told that due to the conditions of my back and the time that had elapsed since I fell that I should expect that. He (the chiropractor) told me that I should go home and lie down for a few hours and then come back for another treatment that afternoon. This is what I did and after the second treatment I began to think I might survive!

The next day I went back for the third treatment and felt so much better that I asked (and received) a week off. I went back to the mountains to visit my parents and while there I accompanied my father and sister on a hike up the mountains to visit my brother at a lookout station. Needless to say, by then I was “hooked” on chiropractic and kept going to old “Doc” Carter for treatments while living in Shelby. Thus began my “love affair” with chiropractic.

Over the years I have gone to many different chiropractors, most of whose names I don’t recall. Some, however, do stand out: Dr. Tuckey and Dr. Latch in San Francisco; Dr. Cavanaugh and Dr. Jamieson in Sacramento; and now Dr. Smith in Chattanooga.
I thank the Lord for each and every one of them  - they have kept me going for over seventy years and I have confidence that they will keep me going for the rest of my life!

With gratitude from my heart (and back!)
Cyrilla Curtis


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